BNNI 2016


4th Baltic-Nordic Summer School on Neuroinformatics (BNNI 2016)

Understanding neurons, cognition and behavior through neuroinformatics

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Warsaw, Poland, June 15-18, 2016

Place: Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology
Physics Department, University of Warsaw
Time: June 15-18, 2016

We invite advanced master students, doctoral students, and postdoctoral researchers to participate in the BNNI 2016 to be held at Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology and Physics Department of University of Warsaw. The course is interdisciplinary and covers modeling at different levels of organization of the brain. The course combines lectures, tutorials and computer exercises for computational modeling and analysis of brain functions at multiple physiological and anatomical scales. The summer school will follow the series of the Baltic-Nordic Courses on Neuroinformatics (BNNI 2013 in Kaunas, BNNI 2014 in Tampere, BNNI 2015 in Tartu).

The target audience of the course will be advanced master students, doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers in natural science, including physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, informatics and information technology, and similar who would like to get an introduction to neuroinformatics and computational neuroscience. Advanced master students, doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers in neuroscience and psychology with strong interest in computer science, data analysis and mathematics, and some educational and/or research background in quantitative science will also be encouraged to apply.