Lab Members

Daniel K. Wójcik
Laboratory head
Ph.D. 2000, D.Sc. 2008, Prof. 2015

MarkMark J. Hunt
Assistant professor
My research interests are psychopharmacology and in vivo electrophysiology. Specifically, I am developing projects directed towards understanding the mechanisms and behavioural consequences of abnormal high frequency oscillations, after ketamine, in freely moving rats. Further details of my research can be found here.

PiotrPiotr Majka
Assistant professor
My research interests focus on processing and combining image data obtained from various imaging techniques across different spatial scales. This includes magnetic resonance imaging, photographies of stained sections, connectivity data etc. I am also interested in creating and distributing digital brain atlases.

Sylwia Bednarek
Scientific Software Developer in project Neuron Cofund Micronet, PhD student
M.Sc. 2016


Marta Bejtka
Phd student
Applied Physics, M.Sc. 2015
I am interested in current sources density reconstruction in brain tissue. I test kCSD method with simulated data.

MichalMichał Czerwiński
Phd student
M.Sc. in Neuroinformatics
After studying neuroinformatics at Physics Department of Warsaw University, I moved from EEG analysis (B.Sc. thesis on neurofeedback) to LFP analysis at Nencki Institute.

KubaJakub M. Dzik (Kowalski)

Postdoc; M.Sc. 2011, PhD. 2019
My background is computer science combined with basics of biology. As a part of my studies I analyse and model behavioral data of mice obtained from IntelliCage system. I also develop a software for online repositories of high-resolution brain tissue images of different modalities.

Urszula Malinowska
Analysis of the neurophysiological signal in epilepsy, sleep, and cognition. Currently, my research focuses on connectivity and synchronization of brain activity, specially dedicated to neurofeedback.


Jacek Rogala


Joanna Jędrzejewska – Szmek


Ziemowit Sławiński
Phd student

Władysław Średniawa
Phd student
MWMarek Waligóra
Phd student
I am a philosopher / cognitive scientist and an electroradiology technician. My scientific interests focus on the use of virtual reality in scientific research. I am also interested in research on the impact of games on cognitive functions, I am currently participating in a project combining various neurostimulation methods with VR to strengthen cognitive functions, mainly working memory and attention mechanisms.
AWprof. Andrzej Wróbel Ph.D., D. Sc
Electrophysiological and BOLD correlates of attention and working memory. The validation of neurofeedback-EEG method.
JWJacek Wróbel
Phd student
MSc in Psychology, BSc in Neurobiology
I am interested in the neurophysiological basis of psychiatric disorders, particularly focused on abnormal oscillatory brain activity and behavioural changes as a result of ketamine administration in the NMDA receptor hypofunction model of psychosis.
Ada Sawilska
Lab Manager
Student of Biomedical Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology.
Piotr Szulim
Research Assistant in project MONASH

 Alumni and previous lab members

Katarzyna Król
Lab Manager
Student of Neuroinformatics at the University of Warsaw.
KarolinaKarolina Sokołowska
Lab Manager
Student of Neuroinformatics at the University of Warsaw.
GabrielaGabriela Saworska
Research Assistant in project MONASH
Adam Busch MSc, MIMUW (2010)
Separation of sources of neurobiological signals using independent component analysis
Grzegorz Furga MSc, MIMUW (2010)
Reconstruction of three-dimensional brain structures using geometric region growing
Gabriela Mochol PhD, Nencki (2010)
Stochastic properties of superior colliculus cells of the cat to moving stimuli
moved to: postdoc in Barcelona, Spain
Jan Potworowski PhD, Nencki (2013)
Reconstruction and localization of sources of field potentials
moved to: Samsung R&D, Warsaw
Jacek Rogala PhD, Nencki (2014)
The role of perigeniculate nucleus (PGN) in modulation of responses of thalamo-cortical relay cells of lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN) of the cat
moved to: postdoc at Nencki Institute, Warsaw
Laboratory of the Visual System
Piotr Majka PhD, Nencki (2014)
Integration of data from short-tail opossum brain structure imaging
moved to: postdoc at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
Helena Głąbska PhD, Nencki (2016)
Walidacja metod analizy rejestracji elektrofizjologicznych przy użyciu danych symulacyjnych
moved to: Samsung R&D, Warsaw

Chaitanya Chintaluri PhD, Nencki (2017)
Effects of geometry and conductivity on propagation of electric field in neural tissue, and reconstruction of neural sources from electric potential.
moved to: postdoc at University of Oxford, Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics
Szymon Łęski Habilitation, Nencki (2016)
moved to: Samsung R&D, Warsaw
Michał Czerwiński MSc, FUW (2014)
Identification and elimination of response artifact in extracellular potentials recorded from brain slices
Konrad Solarz MSc, FUW (2015)
Dendritic spines shapes analysis with machine learning methods
_images_20140428_185716Anna Samsel
Lab Manager, 09.2014-06.2015
Graduated from Audiophonology and Public Health at Warsaw Medical University and from Neuroinformatics at the University of Warsaw. Moved to PhD studies in the Belgium.

Maria Nowicka
Lab Manager, 09.2015-06.2016
Currently student of Physics at the University of Warsaw.

zdjJan Mąka
Data Scientist
M.Sc. in Neuroinformatics

moved to: PhD student at Faculty of Physics UW
Analysis of interactions in complex biological systems

Maciej Śmigielski
Research Assistant in project Neuron Cofund Micronet


Emilia Chojak
Research Assistant in project Neuron Cofund Micronet


Natalia Jermakow
Research Assistant in project Neuron Cofund Micronet

DSC02647 Tomasz Górski

PhD in Physics, 2013, Postdoc 2015
Worked on models of LFP in Nucleus Accumbens (monopolar character of HFO). Before, he was working on density fluctuations in Bose-Einstein condensate at Center for Theoretical Physics PAS. Moved to a postdoc in EITN in Paris.


Joanna Tereszczuk (2006)

Collaborators, visitors, friends

Rembrandt Bakker, Nijmegen, Netherlands
Jan Bjaalie, Trygve Leergaard, Oslo, Norway
Gaute Einevoll, Oslo, Norway
Leszek Kaczmarek, Warsaw, Poland
Ewelina Knapska, Warsaw, Poland
Katarzyna Radwańska, Warsaw, Poland
Marcello RosaMelbourne, Australia
Dirk Schubert, Nijmegen, Netherlands
Tomáš Páleníček, Prague, Czech Republic

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